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Small but mighty! aka. the Strongest PCB Actuator for its size. This is made from a 12-layer PCB with 2oz thick copper

This is a simple and customizable actuator that is made from a 12-layer spiral PCB coil. When current flows through the planar copper windings, it can generate a magnetic field strength of up to 12mT. This can be used to attract or repel N52 grade neodymium magnets and create custom PCB actuators, which can be ideal to actuate lightweight objects, like thin 3d-printed plastic models or paper-sculptures.

This PCB actuator is around 4.6 times more powerful than the Sticker Actuator, which results from using 2oz copper thickness for each layer. This reduces the resistive elements of the track and allowed more turns to fit.

Applications : Linear Actuator, Array, Motor Prototyping, Electromagnet, Buzzer, Sensing & more!

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