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Magnetic Surface Control while keeping things thin, tiny & compact! 

These cells will let you control magnets on-top and make them dance, jump & flip!

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Add More!

Share the power of up to 10 Cells together!

Eliminate some wires by daisy chaining the cells. Just solder all the VDD & GND pads to power up to 10 cells at once. The other IN1 & IN2 pads can be either shared by soldering the pads together or uniquely customized with separate wires.

The 5-Cell option, makes it even easier as the VDD & GND are already connected inside the board. So it will only require the IN1 & IN2 signals. Each cell can also be separated from its neighbours.

For more than 10 Cells, check out our 3-Pin 10x10 CoilCell+


Make it Smarter

Use our DriveCell-library & connect it to a CodeCell, ESP32 or any other Arduino board to quickly get started with examples!

Arduino Library



  • Dimensions: 18.5x18.5mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Weight: 0.78 grams
  • Screws: M1.2
  • Connector Pitch: 2.54mm


  • Resistance: 21Ω ± 2
  • Inductance: 17.7uH ± 1
  • Maximum Power: 1W
  • Maximum Voltage: 5V
  • Operating Temperature: 70°C
  • Peek Magnetic Field Strength: 2.3mT @ 5V


  • This electronics kit is ROHS Compliant & follows IPC-A-600 II standard.
  • The force produced by a CoilCell depends on the mechanical elements of your project, as well as the weight and strength of your magnet.
  • The box will include the CoilCell, a set of four M1.2 screws and any optional magnet.
  • Please note that the CoilCell is intended to be used as a DIY maker kit. For commercial purposes, please get in touch.