Discover our 1.3mm thin compact PCB coils with an integrated driver! Connect directly to your favorite microcontroller to control magnetic strength and polarity, adding motion to magnets. Easily expand by adding more coils with solderable pads for even more fun!

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Start with Examples

Install the CoilCell Arduino Library to quickly get started!

The CoilCell Library is available for download on both Github and the Arduino Library manager. Basic functions work on all Arduino boards + optimized PWM functions for CodeCell & other ESP32 devices

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Things You Can Build



  • Resistance: 24Ω ± 6
  • Inductance: 29.8uH ± 1
  • Maximum Power: 1W
  • Maximum Voltage: 5V
  • Operating Temperature: 70°C
  • Peek Magnetic Field Strength: 2.3mT @ 5V


  • Dimensions: 18.5x18.5mm
  • Thickness: 1.3mm
  • Weight: 0.5 grams (1-Cell)
  • Screws: M1.2
  • Connector Pitch: 2.54mm
3D Model

Add More

Reduce wiring by soldering neighboring cells together! Utilize the side connectors to share power and input signals.

Each CoilCell input can be customized uniquely with separate wires, or wired with the same input signal. Pre-connected 1x5 CoilCells are also available.


  • The CoilCell is a planar PCB coil with an on-board DRV8837 h-bridge chip which can control the direction and strength of the current flowing through the coil. This allows the CoilCell to be driven magnetic north (IN1 = PWM, IN2 = GND), south (IN1 = GND, IN2 = PWM) or OFF (IN1 = GND, IN2 = GND)
  • The DRV8837 chip has Overcurrent Protection, Undervoltage Lockout & Thermal Shutdown. Caution must be taken not to reverse its supply rails.
  • This electronics kit is ROHS Compliant & follows IPC-A-600 II standard.
  • The force produced by a CoilCell depends on the mechanical elements of your project, as well as the weight and strength of your magnet.
  • The box will include the CoilCell, a set of four M1.2 screws and any optional magnets.
  • Any soldered wires must be non-magnetic to prevent magnets from attaching to them.
  • Please note that the CoilCell is intended to be used as a DIY maker kit. For commercial purposes, please get in touch.