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Discover the Thinnest Flapper ~ just 0.3mm thin! This compact actuator can add eye-catching motion to your projects, transforming them into unique pieces of art. Its easy to attach and comes with a color-changing sticker, to make your creations stand out!

Flap it


Bend it, Stick it & make it Move! Flat or curved, just stick a CoilPad onto any smooth surface, and make it dance with magnets. You can also hack it into the thin buzzer, heater or metal-detector!

Stick it


Keep things tiny ~ its just 0.8 x 1cm but can drive:

  • Brushed Motors (Forward/Reverse + PWM Speed Control)
  • Magnetic Actuators (PWM Strength + Polarity Control)
  • Led Lights (PWM brightness adjustment)
Drive it


Discover our 1.3mm thin compact PCB coils with an integrated driver! Connect directly to your favorite microcontroller to control magnetic strength and polarity, adding motion to magnets. Easily expand by adding more coils with solderable pads for even more fun!

Actuate it