Bend it, Stick it & make it Move! Just stick a CoilPad onto any smooth surface, and make it dance with magnets. You can also hack it into the thin buzzer, heater or metal-detector

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  • Dimensions: 17x19mm
  • Thickness: 0.1mm
  • Weight: 0.08 grams
  • Connector Pitch: 2.54mm


  • Resistance: 24Ω ± 6
  • Inductance: 30.7uH ± 2
  • Peek Magnetic Field Strength: 2.7mT
  • Maximum Power: 1W
  • Maximum Steady Voltage: 4.5V
  • Maximum Pulsed Voltage: 5V
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 100°C


  • The force produced by a CoilPad depends on the mechanical elements of your project, as well as the weight and strength of your magnet.
  • For smooth organic motions, we recommend using silicone-insulated wires & our PWM Arduino library.
  • The adhesive used on the backside is 3M467. It’s cover can be peeled off using a pair of tweezers. Always clean the surface before sticking the actuator and it is very important to peel-off the cover before powering on the coil, otherwise the adhesive-cover might get damaged. The coil can be sticked on a curved surface, with a 18mm maximum bending radius.
  • The magnetic field strength of the CoilPad can be roughly doubled by placing iron or steel underneath it.
  • CoilPad was previously known as the Sticker Actuator.
  • This electronics kit is ROHS Compliant & follows IPC-A-600 II standard.
  • Please note that the CoilPad is intended to be used as a DIY maker kit. For commercial purposes, please get in touch.