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A simple to use plug & play flap! This thin actuator is perfect to create kinetic sculptures and experiment with robotics! Made from ONE Flexible Circuit!

It comes assembled, with a 2.54mm pitch male connector and a 10mm N52 neodymium magnet on its back side. The actuator can be connected through the two M2 holes. The kit will also include double-sided 3M467 adhesive tape, which can be peeled off using a pair of tweezers and be mounted on the flap itself. This makes it easier to customize the flap, allowing it to actuate lightweight objects, like thin 3d-printed plastic models or paper-origami. Always clean the surface before sticking the tape.

To control the motion of this actuator, one must use an h-bridge module, like the Flexar Driver. The magnetic field strength of this coil is limited to 2.7mT (measured from the surface). Given that some aspects of this actuator are customizable, its motion and force will also depend on the magnet’s pivoting point and mass.

This flap actuator can reach a speed up to 25Hz, but for but for long-use it is recommended not to exceed 10Hz.

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