Light Displays RND

Floating Display

Challenge: Make a POV display using as few parts as possible

The idea started in 2019 by adding an LED to a flexible PCB actuator. Flapping this creates a single column of RGB light!

For the next version, a row of LEDs was added to display low-resolution images, using just a flexi-rigid circuit board, a magnet, and a holder. And the results were quite amazing, given the simplicity, as it almost looked like a tiny hologram.

Though it worked well, we had some engineering challenges to overcome to make it more reliable and robust. But after five years of research, we're very close to releasing TimeFlap ~ Stay tuned!

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Spherical Display

Challenge: Create a miniaturized Spherical Display

Turning a flat circuit into a round display with lots of tiny lights is hard. But we did it! Our 7cm diameter display has 945 rgb lights which can showing cool patterns and silly emojis. The only downside? It's pretty expensive considering the resolution of the images shown.

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