Control your Actuators, Motors and LEDs by just turning a Screwdriver!

This is a tiny brain for our actuators! Start discovering how to use PCB Actuators with this simple to use controller. This Plug&Play Controller can also be used to dimming LED lights, drive low-power off-the-shelve dc motors and other solenoids.

This Flexar-Driver Controller makes it easier to control and learn about PCB actuators. It features a six-mode differential driver that can supply up to 1.8 Amps and control the position, speed, or sound of one or more actuators. The board’s dimensions are just 2.48 cm x 2.48 cm making it small, compact, and even stackable with the 12-layer PCB Coil

The driver’s input and output connectors are on the backside and have a standard 2.54mm pitch female connector. The top silkscreen indicates the input voltage polarity which is marked with ‘VCC’ and ‘GND’. This has an allowable input voltage range of 3.5V to 11V. However, make sure to power each PCB actuator within its datasheet recommended voltage level to avoid over-heating. The board has an on-board 3.3V voltage-regulator with over-current protection, thermal protection, and reverse-current protection. It also includes a DRV8837 h-bridge driver that is controlled by PIC16LF18323 microcontroller. Using the tactile switch, one can change between six-modes (SQR, PWM, POS1, POS2, BUZ, EXT) and vary the frequency or duty cycle using the on-board potentiometer. Each mode is described in more detail, in the datasheet.

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