Thinnest Flap! Flapper reflector is only 0.3mm thin and the actuator has maximum thickness of 2.6mm including the built-in magnet!

Apart from being an actuator, this flap can grab attention by adding reflective motion, turning your creation into art and also making it stand out! It is also easy to connect to other flat surfaces and can come with its own DriveCell

Flap it


Bend it, Stick it & make it Move!

Whether you want to elevate your paper origami or make something vibrate, you can just stick a CoilPad onto any smooth surface and make it dance with magnets.

You can also hack it into the thin buzzer, heater or metal-detector

Stick it


Keep things tiny while driving motors & actuators! This solderable module is just 0.8x1cm, Arduino friendly & can drive:

  • Brushed Motors (Forward/Reverse + PWM Speed Control)
  • Magnetic Actuators (PWM Strength + Polarity Control)
  • Led Lights (PWM brightness adjustment)
Drive it


These 1.3mm thin compact PCB coils have an integrated driver (so no extra DriveCells required) so it can be connected directly to your favorite microcontroller to control the coil's polarity & drive strength which can magnets on-top dance, jump, and flip!

Add more and power more cells with its solderable pads


Actuate it